All Theme Parks: 20% cashback*#

Pay a visit to the theme parks in Hong Kong for the lovely dolphins or your favourite characters, enjoy 20% cashback*# on tickets with livi Mastercard®. Create special memories with your loved ones in the wonderland.

Major Video & Music Streaming Platforms: 20% cashback*@

20% cashback*@ also applies to major video & music streaming platforms. Enjoy this offer with livi Mastercard. Check out the merchant list, subscribe and stream the latest shows and music anytime, anywhere.

All Local Cinemas & Ticketing Platforms: Up to 30% cashback*

Purchase tickets with livi Mastercard to enjoy 30% cashback* at Emperor Cinemas & MCL Cinemas, and getting 20% cashback* at all local cinemas. Immerse yourself in the big screen experience across the city in any timeslot, 7 days a week.
You can also get 20% cashback* on tickets at ticketing platforms - bring your friends to concerts, theatres and more amazing live shows!

How to apply and pay with livi Mastercard

Questions and Answers

Example 1. Online streaming platform annual subscription

Assuming the annual subscription fee costs 738 HKD, and you only have this subscription in one month:
19% Cashback = 738 HKD x 19% = 140.22 HKD (exceeded 100 HKD monthly cap)
1% Cashback = 738 HKD x 1% = 7.38 HKD
So you can receive 107.38 HKD actual cashback.

Example 2. Local cinema ticket purchases

Assuming each ticket costs 150 HKD, and you purchase 2 tickets in one month:
19% Cashback = 300 HKD x 19% = 57 HKD
1% Cashback = 300 HKD x 1% = 3 HKD
So you can receive 60 HKD actual cashback.
Yes. Each eligible customer can enjoy up to 100 HKD cashback per calendar month. 
No minimum spending is required for this rewards. 
Yes, eligible customers can enjoy cashback upon spendings at designated merchants, including cinema, online streaming platforms and mobile apps. 

Promotion Period: 1 January to 28 Feburary 2022

#Only applicable to admission ticket purchases, in-park purchases are excluded.

@Payments made via PayPal / Apple Pay / Google Pay are excluded from Eligible Transaction.

*This offer comprises the 1% cashback on all purchases. An additional 29% / 19% eligible cashback earned in a calendar month will be deposited within 30 working days. Each Eliible Customer can earn up to 100 HKD in a calendar month.

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Google Pay is a trademark of Google LLC.

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