Elevate Your Business with livi's Fintech Solutions

As a virtual bank operating in Hong Kong, we take great pride in our developed digital platforms and services such as our Electronic Know Your Customer service, Promotion Engine, Customer Service portal and Content Management System which makes your day-to-day operational successful and superb. With our experience and technical expertise, we have designed a diversified range of fintech services, which will effectively address a wide range of banking operation needs like customer onboarding, campaign management and more. We are now prepared to share our digital tools and solutions with you.

At livi, we prioritise safeguarding our customers’ security and data privacy. With our fintech solutions, we respect your privacy and are committed to keeping your personal information and other data confidential and secure. We aim to assist you to take every precaution measure to ensure your services are reliable and secure. We are excited to present our services to you and support your banking operations! For a demonstration, please reach out to us at We look forward to becoming a reliable partner in your business venture.

Embrace Open Banking

Fintech innovation and new user experience are the top priorities of livi. By introducing the Open API Portal as one of our Open Banking strategy, we will bring our customers wider and more convenient banking products and services that enable greater integration between financial services and providers in Hong Kong. To learn more about Open API and our partners, you can click the buttons below:
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Explore the liviVerse

Mochis are our brave and lively metaverse characters who have travelled across time from faraway, and found their way to our liviVerse, transforming into exclusive NFTs!

livi Saving Space

Make saving fun with livi Saving Space! You can create multiple savings missions and save easily with our autosave function. This tool helps you record, trace and check your savings progress in real time, and reach your goals such as upgrading your phone, travelling and more. You can also earn rewards with our limited-time savings missions!