Smart Savings

liviSave helps you put your money to work.

Make Your Money Work For You

Open liviSave and earn interest on your savings account.

Full Flexibility

Save and transfer money at any time.

No Minimum Deposit Requirements

No fees. No matter how much or little you put in.

Savings Interest Rate

For the portion of your deposit balance:
Annual interest rate

First 50,000 HKD or below

1.00% p.a.

Above 50,000 HKD to 500,000 HKD

0.40% p.a.


0.01% p.a.

Questions and Answers

Deposits of up to 500,000 HKD are protected, including both principal and interest.

The daily interest is calculated based on your end-of-day balance and current interest rate. The annual interest rate is calculated on a 365-day basis.

You can check the interest earned for the previous day and year-to-date on livi app.

Interest is calculated on a monthly basis and credited to your liviSave on the first calendar day of next month.