The Better Way to Withdraw

Enjoy the security and convenience of QR Cash on your phone!

Withdraw Now or Later

Easily set instructions to withdraw now or anytime within 60 minutes.

Free Withdrawals

Get cash without fees at nearly 1,000 UnionPay ATMs in Hong Kong.


Works at any Bank of China (Hong Kong) and other supported ATMs.

Questions and Answers

QR Cash enables you to withdraw cash from the designated ATMs without a physical ATM card. Each withdrawal will be directly debited from your liviSave account. Currently, all BOCHK and other designated ATMs support this service. Cash withdrawal records can be viewed in "Transactions" in app and in the e-statement.

1.    Tap "QR Cash" on the Overview screen and set up a cash withdrawal instruction
2.    Tap "Withdraw Now" and authenticate with your PIN; "Withdraw Later" lets you save the instruction for 60 minutes. Tap "QR Cash" again to retrieve this instruction
3.    Select "UnionPay QRC Withdrawal" on the ATM then scan the QR code using QR cash in livi app
4.    Enter the in-app one-time withdrawal code on the ATM, then follow the instructions on the ATM to complete the cash withdrawal

Additional tips:
-    The validity period for the QR code on the ATM screen may vary. Please tap "Withdraw Now" before selecting "UnionPay QRC Withdrawal" on the ATM
-    Avoid glares and reflections when scanning the QR code
-    We do not charge any fees for using QR Cash. You may safely disregard any notices display from the ATM screen that there may be charges for cash withdrawal 

You can withdraw with QR Cash at all BOCHK and other supported ATMs in Hong Kong (choose "UnionPay QRC Withdrawal" at ATM).