Quick and Convenient Local Transfers

Send money in HKD, CNY & USD from your account with just a few taps on your screen.

Instant FPS Transfers

Send HKD and CNY round the clock for free.

Scheduled Transfers

You can easily manage your future incoming and outgoing fund transfers.

Settle Bills Anytime, Anywhere

Simply scan the FPS QR code on government and utility bills to make a payment.

How It Works

Questions and Answers

We support the following types of transfers:

- Instant HKD and CNY transfers via FPS
- Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) for local banks:
•    Transfer money from other local banks: HKD, USD and CNY
•    Transfer money to other local banks: USD
- Small-value Transfers
- Scheduled transfers
- Quick Save transfers from your other bank account
- Cross-border Inward remittance
•    Support inward remittance of HKD and CNY from the Mainland of China
- Cross-border Outward remittance
•    Support outward remittance of HKD and CNY to the Mainland of China

Yes,  the amount you can transfer locally and cross-border outward remittance together are subject to the Daily Transfer Limit. The maximum Daily Transfer Limit is 500,000 HKD equivalent. This limit is shared by all currencies. If you would like to set your own limit, please follow steps below: 

1.    Tap "Profile Settings" on the Overview screen 
2.     Select "Bank Services" 
3.    Select "Transfer Limit" and follow the instructions 
Please note, the upper limit of the daily aggregate amount remitted to the Mainland of China per person is CNY 80,000. 

Small-value Transfer enables transferring smaller amounts without two-factor authentication. So as long as your transfers don’t reach your imposed limit (daily maximum of 10,000 HKD equivalent, the "Small-value Transfers" service currently supports transfers in HKD and CNY only and the limit is shared by transactions in HKD and CNY), you will not be asked for authentication.