Easy HomeCare

Easy HomeCare

All-Rounded Protection for Your Home Content and Collections

Insurer: Bolttech Insurance (Hong Kong) Company Limited ("bolttech Insurance")

The Plan is a general insurance product underwritten by bolttech Insurance. livi is the appointed insurance agency of bolttech Insurance.

Easy HomeCare

livi's Home Insurance

All rounded protection for your home, collectables with less than 2 HKD premium per day for annual coverage including loss arising from fire, theft, typhoon, accidents & personal liability to protect you and your family!

Household Contents Protection

Protect your household contents from fire, flood, theft or typhoon up to a maximum of 500,000 HKD per year

Personal Liability Protection

Up to 5,000,000 HKD coverage for bodily injury or property damage of other person resulting from the negligence

Tenant's Improvement Accident Protection

Cover accidental loss or damage to tenant's improvements at home, up to 100,000 HKD per item


Easy HomeCare is underwritten by Bolttech Insurance (Hong Kong) Company Limited ("bolttech Insurance") and is intended to be offered in Hong Kong only. bolttech Insurance is an authorised insurer under Insurance Authority for operating general insurance business. Livi Bank Limited ("livi") is the appointed insurance agency of bolttech Insurance for distribution of this insurance plan (insurance agency licence no. GA1033). The insurance product is a product of bolttech Insurance, not Livi Bank Limited.
Easy HomeCare covers fire, flood, theft, or water damage caused by burst water pipes and/or typhoons, any other accidents and household contents. It also protects against personal liability claims of up to HKD5,000,000 and covers up to HKD500,000 household items, including personal valuables up to HKD100,000. Policy coverage is subject to the selected benefits under the policy, please refer to the respective policy for details.
Below is the eligibility of this plan:
- Insured property age must be 35 years or below
- The building of the insured property is at least 5-storeys tall
- Net floor area of insured property must be 1,000 sq. feet or below
- Insured property is located within Hong Kong
-Insured property is constructed from bricks, stone or concrete with concrete roof

The above criteria must be declared by applicants along the application. If during review of claim request, bolttech Insurance discovers that the insured property is not eligible according to criteria, the claim request will be declinced. For more details, please refer to product brochure and policy provision.