livi Flexi Loan
“Balance Transfer”

Save up to 96% interest^

Get trapped in a spiral of card bills and loans? No worries! livi helps you out with the best solution.

livi Flexi Loan "Balance Transfer" helps you save money while paying off all your loans with saved interest up to 96%^.

livi Flexi Loan “Balance Transfer”

Save interest expenses and get out of loans with our total solution. A revolving stand-by cash* is offered to ease your burden!

Save Interest Expenses
up to 96%^

Combine and clear your outstanding card bills and loans to help you save on interest expenses with no handling fee, while focusing on one repayment with a single due date let you manage your payments much easier.

Loan Amount up to 21X of Monthly Salary

Enjoy loan amount up to HKD2,000,000 and choose to repay from 3 months to 72 months with flexibility.

Get Extra Cash* at Ease

Apply for "Balance Transfer" and get livi Flexi Loan "Personal Loan" with just one application.
Get extra cash up to HKD1,000,000.*

Customized Repayment Solutions

Enjoy customized repayment solutions created by our team of professionals based on your financial status.
Whether you want to extend the repayment period, or ease your burden by saving interest, we will help to meet your needs!
Apply it 24 x 7 online through our app!

How it works

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When it comes to living it up, are you bounded by the lack of funds?
livi Flexi Loan "Personal Loan" can help you out!

Questions and Answers

livi Flexi Loan "Balance Transfer" is a personal loan product with a loan amount of up to HKD2,000,000 and a repayment period of up to 72 months. You only need to apply for it once, and you can consolidate all your credit cards' outstanding and loan balances from different banks and financial institutions and have a tailor-made fixed instalment repayment plan for you to save on interest expenses. In addition, you can apply for an additional revolving credit facility (that is livi Flexi Loan "Personal Loan") upon the same application for extra cash. The extra cash amount will be disbursed to your liviSave account.
You need to be a Hong Kong resident with a liviSave account. You can apply as long as you have a proof of income. If you are new to livi, a liviSave account will be created for you for loan disbursements and monthly repayments.
You can repay the balances of general credit card or personal loan accounts, but you can’t repay a livi PayLater or livi Flexi Loan "Personal Loan" through livi Flexi Loan "Balance Transfer".