Pet Care

Pet Care

Give your furry friends lifelong protection with an average premium
from just HKD3.9^ per day

Insurer: Bolttech Insurance (Hong Kong) Company Limited ("bolttech Insurance") 

The Plan is a general insurance product underwritten by bolttech Insurance. livi is the appointed insurance agency of bolttech Insurance.

Pet Care

All-rounded protection covering clinical, surgical expenses & more.

Up to HKD 90,000 comprehensive medical & surgical coverage with up to 80% reimbursement rates*

• Provide full medical annual coverage of up to HKD 90,000 (HKD 60,000 among of that has no maximum limit for each benefit item)*, and enjoy a reimbursement rate of up to 80% of each claim*, regardless of the insured pet's age or the medical network.

• Coverage includes veterinary consultation fees, prescribed medication, confinement costs, clinical and surgical expenses, etc.

Flexible options, basic plan with fixed premium HKD 1,410 of first year for pets at any age#

• Choose from our plans that can meet your specific needs. The first annual premium of Plan I starts from HKD 1,410, equivalent to an average daily premium of just HKD 3.9, regardless of your pet's age^.

• Upgrade to Plan 2 or 3 with an average daily premium from just HKD 11 #, providing extra coverage on confinement costs, and clinical and surgical expenses; you can also opt for extra medical coverage.

• Up to HKD 1,000,000 third-party liability protection is also available as an extra safeguard.

Multiple offers: Up to 15% multi-pet discount & no-claim discount

• Enjoy up to 15% volume discount for multiple pets when insured Plan II or Plan III at the same time. Additionally, get an extra no-claim discount of up to 15% for renewals.


Yes. For Medical Coverage, a co-insurance amount equivalent to 20% of each claim shall be borne by the Policyholder.
For Third Party Liability, a deductible amount HK$3,000 for each loss shall be borne by the Policyholder.
For Emergency Boarding Expenses, a co-insurance amount equivalent to 50% of each claim shall be borne by the Policyholder.
For full details of the co-insurance of this plan, please refer to the brochure and Policy Provisions.

To make sure all pets obtain fair protection, there is a waiting period to prevent pet owners from buying policies after their pets get sick or injured and making claims for existing conditions.

There is a 30-day waiting period from the policy effective date before you can start making claims for medical expenses resulting from illness.

Cats and dogs between 6 weeks and 8 years old (as of last birthday) are generally eligible to apply for the plan. However, some dog breeds are not eligible, such as Dogo Argentino, Fila Braziliero, Japanese Tosa and Pit Bull Terrier. You can find out more after you select "Get Quote Now" during application.