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livi Business offers seamless, flexible and effortless virtual banking services that can fulfil your demands in time.

We empower your business growth by making banking fast and easy with just one app. You can achieve your visionary goals by focusing on growth, not finances.

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How It works

How can livi Business help you stay ahead of other businesses?

Your trusted online business partner

livi bank is backed by BOC Hong Kong (Holdings), JD Technology and the Jardine Matheson Group, which together bring to livi an unparalleled range of benefits in terms of financial strength, technological expertise and marketing excellence.

Questions and Answers

You can apply for livi Business if:

•    Your company is registered in Hong Kong 
•    All account users hold a HKID and a liviSave account
•    Your business is a single-layered sole proprietorship, partnership, or limited company
•    You’re the ultimate beneficiary owner, director, or ultimate controller of the company

Your account details are all available on livi App, there are 4 main sections:

1.    Overview > your account details at-a-glance
2.    Workstation > a record of account instructions 
3.    Transactions > a record of all your money in/out 
4.    Settings > allows you to view and amend your company and/or members details

The daily interest is calculated based on your end-of-day balance and current interest rate. The annual interest amount is calculated on the following year basis:

•    HKD – 365 days (for both ordinary and leap year) 

•    CNY – 360 days

We will notify you the interest earned every month on livi App.