Thank you for your support! Our NFT lucky draw has ended. The results has been announced on July 6, 2022. The winners shall receive an email notice for the detailed prize redemption procedures.

stephy, livi bank

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Mochis are our brave and lively metaverse characters who have travelled across time from faraway, and found their way to our liviVerse, transforming into exclusive NFTs!

We’ll be giving away 1,888 non-transactional NFTs. Follow along the 3 simple steps below to join our lucky draw:

  1. Download the livi app and open a new account
  2. Click "liviVerse: Get exclusive NFT by joining the lucky draw" on "Happiness" page
  3. Click "Share and Join Lucky Draw" to share the page with your family and friends
stephy, livi bank

Questions and Answers

Sign up with livi bank, log into the livi app and find the liviVerse Lucky Draw banner in the Happiness tab. During the Promotional Period, use livi app's Share function to share our designated liviVerse Lucky Draw page to your social media for a chance to own a Mochi NFT!
The liviVerse Lucky Draw is valid from 07/06/2022 to 28/06/2022, both dates inclusive.
The liviVerse Lucky Draw is offering 1,888 Mochi NFTs. Each eligible customer can enrol in the Lucky Draw once only.
Results of the liviVerse Lucky Draw will be announced on 06/07/2022 via push notifications and email. The collection of Mochi NFTs will be viewable to all in the liviVerse.
Log in to the livi app and go into the liviVerse from the Happiness tab. If you've won a livi NFT, you will see it in the liviVerse.
NFT stands for non-fungible token. It is a non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a blockchain, a form of digital ledger.
Blockchain is a distributed ledger (or database) of transactions that is not controlled by a central authority. Blockchain stores data in blocks, which differs from a typical database. Once transactions are added to a ledger, they are immutable, meaning they cannot be modified or erased.
You are granted a license to display the livi NFT allocated to you for your private, non-commercial use. As an NFT holder, you may enjoy exclusive access to livi's service, discounts, and many more features to come in liviVerse. Stay tuned!