Important Notice

The "livi PayLater Spending Instalment Handling Fee Waiver Offer" (Interest-free instalments with a 3-month tenor) ended on 31 March 2024. Terms & Conditions apply.

livi PayLater is a credit product. To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!

livi PayLater

Spending Instalment - Split your purchases at checkout

Instant Cash - Cash out your credit limit within just one tap & repay on your own terms!

Terms and Conditions Apply.

A New Way to Spend and Get Instant Cash

Apply for livi PayLater and its designated virtual debit Mastercard® to enjoy the following:

Spend & Get Instant Cash, all in one go

One-time application and approval - Spend and Cash out with one revolving credit line. 

Split Your Purchases

Pay with livi PayLater Mastercard to instantly split your purchases and repay in instalments that meet the minimum amount^^.

Cash Instalment

Get Instant Cash within your credit limit directly credited to your liviSave, with just one tap in-app - no proof required! 

Flexible Repayment Period

Select from 3 to 60 months. Extra fees for early repayment are waived in promotion period.@@

livi PayLater Spending Instalment Calculator

Purchase Amount (HKD)
100 50,000
Repayment Period
12 Months
3 6 12 18 24 30 36
Monthly Handling Fee
0.20%# (APR* 4.49%)
Monthly Repayment (HKD)
(Includes 0.00 HKD Handling Fee)
Total Handling Fee (HKD)
View Full Repayment Plan
Disclaimers: The result from this calculator is for reference only. Promotional offers are excluded from calculation. The actual result is dependent on the customer’s loan amount, credit rating and other factors considered by livi.

Why livi PayLater?

livi PayLater
Other Instalment Products
Application Approval Time

  As quick as 2 minutes

  Could take up to weeks

Automatic Instalments after Spending

Automatic Repayment

Instant Cash out

Get Instant Cash within your credit limit directly credited to your liviSave

Longer process for approval and loan disbursement

How It Works

Questions and Answers

livi PayLater is a credit product which provides revolving loan facility, through which you could draw an instalment through spending with livi PayLater Mastercard, or drawdown a cash loan within your same PayLater facility limit to your liviSave and repay by instalments from 3 to 60 months.