Important Notices

Important Notes on Precautions of Bogus Voice Message Phone Calls, SMS Messages, Phishing E-mails, Suspicious Mobile App and Fraudulent Websites

Livi Bank Limited (thereafter named as “the Bank” or “livi”) would like to remind its customers to stay vigilant to communications purportedly from livi, including bogus voice message phone calls, SMS messages, phishing e-mails, suspicious mobile app, fraudulent websites, etc. Customers are advised to protect their personal information at all times. In this regard, livi wishes to alert its customers to the following important notes:

  1. livi will not require customers to provide sensitive personal information (including login ID, password and one-time password) through phone calls, SMS messages, online forms or e-mails. Customers should not disclose their personal information to any suspicious callers or third parties;

  2. livi will not notify customers of any irregularities or suspension of their bank or credit accounts, and request customers to input their personal information or contact bank staff for identity verification through any pre-recorded voice messages or e-mails. Customers are reminded not to solely rely on the incoming call display, sender’s name in the message, e-mail address, website address or message content to identify the caller/sender. Customers are also reminded not to merely follow the telephone number or hyperlink provided in the message to contact the Bank or disclose their information according to the instructions therein;

  3. Customers should verify any phone calls, SMS messages, e-mails, mobile app, website addresses or any other communication channels purporting to be from livi by calling livi’s Customer Service Hotline at (852) 2929 2998 (you may also find livi’s hotline number on livi website) for enquiry. Customers who may have disclosed their personal information to any suspicious person, should immediately contact livi or directly report to the Hong Kong Police Force;

  4. Customers should access livi’s banking services through the “livi Bank” app downloaded from official channels. They should not log into livi’s electronic banking services through any hyperlinks embedded in e-mails or SMS messages from unknown sources; and

  5. If customers do not wish livi to use their personal data or provide them to any third-party for the purpose of direct marketing, they may exercise their opt-out right by calling our Customer Service Hotline.

  6. Please refer to HKMA’s website for further information on bogus phone calls, fraudulent SMS messages and emails (watch video here).