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livi, the new virtual bank, is bringing you a simply different banking experience, so you can save easily, pay smartly and earn rewards your way. Join livi now to discover more offers and enjoy delightful every day!

You can download and install the livi app Android Package (APK) file if you don’t have Google Play on your mobile device. For iOS users, please ensure your App Store region is set to Hong Kong and search for “livi bank”.

Questions and Answers

iOS users:

Download livi app from Apple App Store

Android users:

Download livi app from Google Play

You may download the livi app Android Package (APK) file on the website if Google Play is not on your mobile device. Then install the app by following:

1. Open the APK file and install

2. If 'install unknown apps / unknown source' is prompted, select “allow”

3. Follow instructions to complete installation

4. Go to 'Settings' and disable 'install unknown apps / unknown source'




Opening is easy and can be done in as quick as 5 minutes. You can apply for liviSave if you are: 


- At least 18 or above with a Smart Hong Kong Adult Identity Card
- A Hong Kong resident with a valid Hong Kong address
- Currently in Hong Kong and have a Hong Kong mobile number
- A smartphone with front and back cameras running iOS 10.3 / Android 7.0 or higher

Once you have these, simply download livi app from the app store and register.

In most cases, your account will be ready instantly. If not, we will do our best to get back to you within two business days. We will notify you via SMS, email or phone call once your account is ready, or if we need additional information from you.