Important Notices

Protect your Personal Digital Keys; Beware of Fraudulent Links!

Stay alert when logging into e-banking. Think twice before entering usernames, passwords and one-time passwords (“OTPs”) because these login credentials are as important as the keys to your houses!

livi will NOT direct customers to livi website or mobile app to carry out transactions or request for sensitive personal information (including login credentials, OTPs and card numbers) via any email, SMS, QR code, hyperlink or attachment. 

Do not download mobile applications from any untrusted sources. You should download the livi bank mobile app only from trusted sources (including livi's official website, App Store and Google Play).

Stay vigilant against scams. If you receive any suspicious SMS message, email or webpage purportedly to be from livi, immediately contact liviCare at (852) 2929 2998 or via live chat.